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New Year’s at San Francisco, oh my.  The glimmering lights, and festivities – granted it was a bit overrated with all the scantily clad women waltzing the streets (how could they not freeze?) but wonderful nonetheless.

I stayed with the family in a 4-bedroom suite at Villa Florence, a block away from Union Square.  Parking on New Year’s Eve was like trying to fit into size 00 pants after the holidays; just not gonna happen.  Until we lucked out at a ‘full’ parking lot under the square.

January 1st also being my birthday I’ve always felt slightly let down by the festive nature of New Years.  It is a new start, but how exactly does everything change?  Things go into a spike, then fall into normality; from what I’ve seen, it’s mostly an excuse to wear silly 2013 glasses and party ‘into the new year.’

But hey, who am I to judge?  I entered 2013 standing outside a Thai shop, totally unaware of the fact that the year had changed until the workers inside had started counting down from 10.  My mother and I struggled to catch a glimpse of the harbor’s fireworks; we didn’t see them, but it was a pleasant moment of its own.

And now that I’ve turned 20, I feel like life has changed in a sense; I’m not a teenager anymore.  Life is getting real.  I’m asking myself questions such as, “Will I be financially secure in the future?”  “Where will I live?”  “Is college even necessary?”  Le sigh.  Too much to worry about for someone who doesn’t even feel 20 yet!

Oops.  I digressed too much.

Right.  Pepple’s Donuts, from New Year’s Eve – The entire family walked 2 miles out of their way to indulge me, those selfless souls.

In case you don’t know, Pepple’s Donuts sells vegan donuts in the Ferry Building everyday from 9-5.  They use local and organic ingredients to create incredible donuts with fun flavors; I saw apricot-vanilla and concord grape, but I was more interested in Matcha Green Tea & Chocolate Coconut:


Matcha Green Tea: We managed to snag the last one!  At first it was troublesome trying to ‘bite’ into this, so I ended up just tearing it into chunks with my fingers.  Hmm.  Not quite what I was expecting from a donut; it had no ‘fluff,’ and was actually quite dense.  Its crumb was more akin to a quick-bread than the mainstream Krispy Kreme donut, the predominant donuts of my days.

The flavor was very lacking – I couldn’t detect even the slightest hint of green tea. It appeared to be a dense sugar bomb with green icing.  Delicious nonetheless.


Chocolate Coconut: Yum!  Again, this was very dense, not to my liking.  But the combination of chocolate and coconut cannot be beat.  I repeat, cannot be beat.  It was a wise choice, and the more favored of the two we sampled.  The chocolate frosting was sugary and quite flaky, but in a fun way.  The coconut shreds were visually appealing and took the coconut-ness up a notch.

All in all?  Pepple’s Donuts has amazing concepts and have rave reviews on Yelp; I would give it 3 stars if it were an ordinary donut, but since they’re vegan I’m pretty much obligated to give them another.  4/5 stars, Pepple’s.  You earned it.