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Assorted jars of jams and chutneys I’ve made from the plum tree in the backyard.  The kitchen is still sticky a week later.


Quite literally, the plum tree was weighed down with all the plums – a basketful went to the yoga studio to give away, and many had fallen on the ground and were rotting.  So it made sense to try to can the rest.


Plum chutney – I had a little trouble with this, due to not having a peel grater (think chunks of lemon peel in every other bite), whole mustard seeds (out of ground) and too much lemon juice.  Otherwise, it was (is?) simply delicious.  Got the recipe from here.

IMG_1297 IMG_1295

Making asian plum sauce!  Yum.


Overall, 4 batches of canning (Chutney, 1 lone jar of anise plum jam that is long gone, and 2 batches of asian plum sauce)

Honestly when I tasted the asian plum sauce, I swooned.  It was liquid gold. It is so intense and multi-dimensional, I cannot even begin to describe how flavorful it is.  There is such an intense sweetness, yet it is also well offset by the addition of soy sauce and vinegar.  The ginger and chili adds a wonderful kick, but is tempered out by the fruity notes.
It would be wonderful in a tofu marinade, as a dipping sauce for vegetables, and even chips and crackers, which is what we did for lunch today.  Delicious!


Picking bai lan flowers everyday (!) My favorite thing to do in the mornings.  We have 4 trees, and I harvest the budding flowers twice a day.  There is nothing quite like the scent of a bai lan.  Little bai lan flowers strung up and sold by the toothy old ladies in the subway for $0.50… ahh.  Its heavy perfume always takes me back to Shanghai.


I had gathered some dried beans from who knows where sometime last year, and they have been sitting on the windowsill since then.  I soaked 3 and managed to sprout 2 of them.  They grow so fast! This was from day 2.IMG_1287

IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1290

This is from day 4, or day 5?

IMG_1294 IMG_1291

Bean sprouts!IMG_1308

Now they’ve gotten so tall!  It’s been a week, I should probably transplant them outside now, haha oops.  But gosh, it’s probably 4 feet tall.  It makes me slightly nervous to be honest.


So that’s what I’ve been up to.  Besides meeting some nice (and one not so nice) boys in the area 🙂 and writing my petitioning speech for joining DiPhi (debate society at UNC), re-learning french, part-time work, and lots and lots of yoga.  Each day now is more precious than the last, as summer’s coming to a close.  Ahh well.