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Hey-oh!  I know it’s been quiet here, but I’ve been quite busy with midterms, papers, etc.  College life is pretty stressful, but I’ve officially declared myself as an Economics major & Anthropology minor.

Thank goodness for Easter weekend… I’ve been loading up on delicious Chinese stir-fries, taro tapioca pudding, and steamed red bean buns (!).  For some reason, even with all the protein I’ve been eating lately I’m still extremely fatigued the day after a pretty hard work-out, which doesn’t happen often.  The Raw vanilla protein powders were really nasty to chug down, but the chocolate was decadent.

Anyways, here’s an intro to the March Vegan Cuts box.  After being cheated (maybe?) out of my January Vegan Foodie Penpal box, I decided to just suck it up and dole out $20/month for a reliable box of goodies.
It’s worked out really well too!

IMG_1185Literally, everything edible in this box is gone.  The chocolate eggs (super hard and too sweet), Earth Balance vegan cheddar puffs, Falafel chips, caramel corn, Vbar, and another little itty-bitty chocolate that’s hidden behind the Ultima packet.  Everything was great, especially the caramel corn, Vbar, and cheddar puffs – yeah that’s like half of the box, but whatever!

And a sneak peak into my next recipe post:

IMG_1190Mm-mmm, good.