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Kitchens are a blessing, something only one without a kitchen could appreciate.  Going back home for spring break was a much-needed vacation, if only to test out various goodies and bake up a storm.


Veggie plate at All Seasons.  It wasn’t on the menu but the server was very understanding about the situation.

Cheeseless pizza from Café Citti – awesome!  The crust was amazing, and the veggies were fresh and plentiful.  It was incredibly colorful, and looked a lot better than the cheesy pizza-of-the-day, in my opinion.

IMG_1174Puff pastries from a friend of my mom’s – they’re from a Buddhist monastery in China, and are thus vegan and ‘blessed.’  Deliciously light and faintly sweet, there is an unpictured sesame moon cake-like bun that I devoured daintily ate on the flight to RDU.


Whole-wheat soft pretzels. Aren’t they pretty?


I just wish they could have stayed pretty. I have never cursed or frantically waved spatulas in the air as much as I did after I started boiling them.  Pretzels? Hah!  More like pretzel sticks.  These pretty pretzels fell apart fast, leaving me with a chunky, brown pretzel mess.


The real pretzels.  These were much easier to boil and didn’t fall apart when I pulled them out of the water.  Covered in a flax egg, then laid on a garlic salt and black sesame mixture before baking.

Turns out recipes are useful for a reason… they tasted too strongly of baking soda.  But they will be eaten anyways – too much work went into making these for me to even consider wasting perfectly cute pretzels!

Unpictured culinary endeavors include:
* Extra creamy hummus (not as creamy as I’d liked it, but miles better than my earlier Humongous Hummus)
* A spin on the Detoxinista’s Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies  sdf;lkj
* Soggy, under-dehydrated curry veggie chips
* Cauliflower soup, loosely based on the Fat Free Vegan’s, minus the potato and add in a handful of oat bran