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I know the title is off-putting.

But I really just need to vent figure out why I’m feeling so frustrated.

It started with my roommate, bless her (although I’m Atheist?) at a DiPhi meeting last week.  She had basically gone up to introduce herself to the members of the societies, and aside from a lot of silly questions and answers, the one that really stuck with me was when Senator Arrington stood up and asked, “Vegetarian or omnivore and why?”

Her response: “Omnivore, because I believe God put animals on this Earth for our consumption.”

That particular answer has really been bugging me.  As an atheist and spiritualist I can’t fathom why anyone would believe the multitude of these vast and beautiful creatures were put on Earth just for us.  And to consume.

What makes it wrong, then, to consume a dog, or your cute little kitten?  Or even to kick and beat them mercilessly just to give pleasure to our senses in the form of dead flesh and juices?  It’s just insane!  We can’t continue on like this, sooner or later – but I definitely hope sooner – people will wake up and realize what we’re doing to these creatures is wrong and inhumane.  We have no right to give ourselves so much addictive power and create horrific conditions for animals.

Some people equate the use of animals for food with the Holocaust – after much speculation, I actually agree with it.  The killing of millions of Jews via a systematic, powerful regime and an engineered belief that one is better than the other.  Death is still death – whether it’s 6 million Jews or billions of animals per year.  It’s cruel, and no one should have the authority over another’s life in this way.

And, randomly, my conceptualized answers to a very important question I always get (besides the question on protein, ugh):

“Why did you become vegan?”

A: To save the Earth, my health, and the animals.
A: Because I want to kill every freaking plant on Earth.  I absolutely hate plants.
A: Why aren’t you?
A: I can’t justify eating cows, pigs, and chickens while my dog and guinea pig live just because they were different from each other.  I couldn’t handle the discrimination.
A: Earthlings.
A: (The most true) Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals.  I couldn’t bring myself to touch another piece of flesh after reading his book.

& my final A: Because I confronted the truth.

I really hope I don’t come off as “better than you.”  I’ve spent the majority of my time as a vegetarian and vegan being very understanding and pleasant to people that consume meat.  I thought being compassionate to everyone and leading by example would turn people to the better path of consumption.  I’d get asked the same questions over and over and just reply with a smile and a quick reply.  I hate making trouble or creating conflict.  Yet all the while I’d be screaming inside, Please oh please just learn what your burger went through to become what’s on your plate.

& I don’t really know why I’m writing this post, honestly.  But I think I’ve reached this point where I’m weary of being nice and complacent when billions of animals are still being murdered.  It’s time to get more action-y.