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My first Foodie Penpal experience was a success.
The Lean Green Bean
I had Tammy from 20 Mile Photography as my sender, and boy did she send some amazing stuff, and in such a cool box:

Such a pretty box!

Getting this box from the package center made. my. day.  Everyone on my floor ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it – such a simple idea (pretty duct tape) but such amazing results, wow.

The goods:

  • TJ’s Sundried tomatoes
  • TJ’s mixed wild dried mushroom medley
  • TJ’s organic red quinoa
  • Go Raw’s Masala Chai & Spirulina Super Cookies
  • Organic peppermint stick dark chocolate (vegan)

I sprouted about a cup of this quinoa and put it into my stuffed kabocha squash for Thanksgiving.  Yum!  My first quinoa-cooking experience, and it filling & much less guilty than plain ol’ bread stuffing.

Some of these, as well as the mushroom medley, went into my cheezy brown rice & broccoli casserole and stuffing for my stuffed pumpkin.  They added a nice kick and color to both dishes.

No words to describe these.  I finished both packages in 2 days. They are not-so-suprisingly light but gave me an amazing amount of energy – I didn’t feel sluggish after eating them, and they didn’t make me dehydrate even the slightest bit.  These raw cookies will be on my radar if they ever come to Chapel Hill.

 I haven’t had a piece yet (mostly because I’m still recovering from my own Thanksgiving Chocolate Pumpkin PB Cups overload) but I absolutely love dark chocolate and can’t wait to try a piece.  Or two.
Thanks again Tammy for the wonderful package, it came just in time for the holidays and I know I’ll be gobbling up everything else by the end of the year.
The package I sent went to Megan Mullaney at In The Kitchen On The Run, but I’ll leave it to you guys to check out her blog post.