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These long red okra pods were a wonderful find at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago.  Their lengthiness and delicately tapered ends truly call to mind their affectionate nickname, “Lady’s Fingers.”  The rustic red was a lovely color that simply called out to me, so I bagged 1/2 a pound for $2.

The color didn’t stand a chance when the pods were cooked which was rather disheartening.

I’m glad I photographed some before eating them – these photos (while not professional by any means) are enchanting, the pods were delectable with a grassy note and notable gooeyness.  Personally I like the notorious gooey effect of okra which I try to bring out in every dish I use it in.

I will definitely post more Farmer’s Market finds as the seasons unwind, but for now these okra pods hold a special place in my heart, and tummy.